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59th Grammys First-Round Ballot

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Rodion Gordin is one of a few Latvian music producers whos music been compared with the worlds biggest hits by a regular listeners and industry professionals.

His debut single “Love Me Right” with Dvines was released in 2013 and become one of the best dance music recordings in Latvia. Single was released on Kontor Records in Germany and published by Warner Music in Sweden.

Gordin has collaborated and produced music for numerous other recording artists like Markus Riva, Dvines, Ryga, Edvards Grieze, Andrea Benham, Dustin Paul, DJ Ella and many more.

His collaboration with Edvards Grieze “Crashing Down” passed 59th Grammys First-Round Ballot in 2016.

Rodion Gordin runs his own record label, Dropper.




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